The Missed Diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes

January 20, 2018

A missed diagnosis of type 1 diabetes due to symptom unawareness is, unfortunately, still a reality. Many times the signs of type 1 diabetes are confused with signs of the stomach flu, or with an average stomach virus.

Sarah Lucas, co-founder and CEO of our friends at Beyond Type 1 has been adamantly campaigning on the subject of T1D and DKA awareness for years. "While we cannot prevent people from developing Type 1 diabetes, we can stop people from dying due to a missed diagnosis. We all must take responsibility to raise awareness, because no one, especially a child, should die because we weren’t paying close enough attention. Take 60 seconds to pass along what you know – you never know who’s life you might save."

We invite our community to join us in this life saving initiative! Please share this article and this warning sign visual with at least two people in your life!

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