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We sincerely appreciate your interest in donating to We Are Diabetes!

Currently there are four ways that you can support WAD:

To donate directly, you can give a one-time (or monthly-recurring) gift via PayPal. Or, if you would like to send your donation via check, you can send it to our P.O. Box which is listed below.

If you happen to be an shopper, you can indirectly help We Are Diabetes by signing up and shopping via AmazonSmile. Amazon will then donate a small portion of every purchase you make to We Are Diabetes.

Lastly, We Are Diabetes is an official Myabetic Affiliate Member. When you purchase your Myabetic gear through our special customized WAD link below, We Are Diabetes receives a small percentage of each purchase! Also, make sure to use the code "WAD" at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase!

Please make donations by check payable to:

We Are Diabetes
P.O. Box 16263
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Your gift is not only tax deductible, but greatly appreciated and it directly supports the mission of We Are Diabetes.

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