Meet the WAD Mentors

Our Mentors are comprised of past WAD clients and individuals who have successfully navigated through their first two years of recovery and have “graduated” from WAD’s programming. WAD Mentors work with their Mentee's on a weekly basis through text, email, and video conferencing to support their Mentee through their challenging journey to stable recovery. 

Ashley Goodman was diagnosed with T1D at eight years old and is the only member of her family with diabetes. After her “honeymoon” phase was over Ashley struggled with diabetes burnout and diabulimia for ten years. She often felt alone and frustrated and didn't have a lot of contact with other T1Ds beyond her two summers at diabetes camp.

When Ashley was twenty eight she knew she had to make a radical change in order to survive. She packed up and moved from New York to Oregon to begin her recovery and create a new life she could be proud of … and to save her life!

Ashley has been embracing the beauty that each day brings ever since she found recovery over two years ago. She considers herself extremely blessed to be alive and believes her life’s purpose is to help other diabetics struggling with eating disorders find peace and motivation to enter the beautiful and illuminating life of recovery. She believes no diabetic should ever feel like they are fighting alone.

Ashley is recently married the love of her life, is a proud ‘dog mom’ and blogs at “Then The Rising”. She is also the lead singer of the local Oregon band, The Fabulous Frogs. Ashley is extremely honored to be a volunteer WAD Mentor and is excited to see where life leads her next. 

In partnership with Beyond Type 1

Kathlin Gordon discovered her passion for helping others once she found her own solid recovery from diabulimia over four years ago. She is now a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator!  

Kathlin is also the Southeast Regional Outreach Representative for We Are Diabetes. She is committed to helping others find life beyond their eating disorder and constantly inspires others to continue fighting for recovery!

In her free time Kathlin loves to bake, play with her three cats, laugh at goat memes and drink tea while watching “Dateline”. 

Noor Alramahi was diagnosed with T1D when she was six years old. In early adulthood she silently struggled with diabulimia for many years until realizing she wanted more than a life of simply existing; she wanted to LIVE! Noor has been living in recovery for over twelve years and is now mother to two beautiful twin boys.

Noor loves to spend her free time powerlifting, cooking and dancing. She is well known for her work in the T1D nonprofit world and is currently in school working on her nursing degree. 

Shelby Hayward was diagnosed with T1D at age 13. She struggled for years with her eating disorder and accepting her chronic illness, but she never stopped fighting! Shelby has been living in solid recovery for four years and is an inspiration to anyone who thinks that they will never find the “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Shelby attended the University of Central Missouri for Music Performance but later moved on to her dream job of being a Director of Sales for Hilton. She enjoys the outdoors, traveling, politics, reading a really good book, playing with her 3 year old son Louis, taking her dog Charlie on walks, laughing and spending quality time with her fiance, David. Shelby’s all-time- favorite hobby is watching trivia shows like Cash Cab and Jeopardy. Shelby also has a sister that is a type 1 diabetes, and treasures the special connection they share.

Maybelline Estrella ​​was diagnosed with T1D at seven years old. Her most challenging years were during her teens and early twenties. During this time Maybelline felt like she was in a constant battle to accept that diabetes was something she would have to deal with for the rest of her life. She struggled with her diabetes management, along with disordered eating behaviors, for over ten years. 

Maybelline’s breakthrough moment happened when she discovered We Are Diabetes! WAD helped Maybelline find her recovery, and her second chance at life. She is so proud to be able to help support others on their healing journey as a WAD Mentor!

Betsy Conlin was diagnosed with T1D at age twelve and is the only person in her twelve-member family with diabetes. She remembers the pressure on herself to have "perfect" blood sugars after her diagnosis and how deeply she internalized the "bad" numbers through middle and high school. Betsy compensated for her "failures" by participating in as many extracurricular activities as possible, going on to dance collegiately while studying broadcast communication.

Betsy worked professionally as a journalist in Salt Lake City and has been in recovery since 2014. She is married, has a beautiful three and a half year old daughter, and is the newest coach of a nationally ranked high school dance program in the Midwest. Betsy loves The Office, Diet Coke, and living life in recovery!

Lisa Sher was diagnosed with T1D at six years old. Her determination to not be defined by her struggles with the psychological impact of diabetes are what initially encouraged her to pursue a career in the diabetes space. Lisa is now a Research Coordinator at the Barbara Davis Diabetes Center — a dream job! After graduating from Columbia University with a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology, she relocated to Denver. Her thesis -- on the co-morbid relationships of depressive symptoms and disordered eating in T1D youth -- was inspired by her own struggles, and is what led her to become involved in We Are Diabetes's amazing work.

Lisa has also interned at JDRF in immunology research, and interned at Novo Nordisk while attaining her BA in Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Lisa loves any and all opportunities to help others with T1D; implementing her own T1D experience to help others is empowering and helps her stay positive about diabetes. In her free time, Lisa is a gym rat and enjoys exploring the gorgeous state of Colorado.

Natalie Mitchell was diagnosed with T1D at age ten. She struggled with diabulimia in her teens but has now been in recovery for over eight years. She wants to help others in their recovery process and let them know that they are not alone.

Natalie majored in psychology and minored in dietetics while attending Indiana State University. She hopes to use her experience and knowledge to further her education in a diabetes related field.

In her free time Natalie loves to spend time outside and has recently discovered a love for solo travelling. She also enjoys creating art and spending time with her golden retriever. In the past few years, Natalie has begun to use her voice for advocacy in the diabetes community.

Julie Vagle was diagnosed with T1D on the same day as her intake assessment for eating disorder treatment. She was 27 years old. 

Julie struggled to accept her diabetes diagnosis during her time in treatment. It felt incredibly overwhelming (and unfair), but she never stopped fighting. After finding solid recovery from her eating disorder, and learning to accept her new life with T1D, Julie is living her life to the fullest with her husband and two year old son.

Living with chronic illness is hard and there are days when the demands that come with managing T1D can feel almost paralyzing. Julie’s newfound perspective in recovery has allowed her to embrace her new life with T1D and she is passionate about helping others discover their own path to acceptance as well!